* Nimetus: The Freedom to Have it All
Kirjeldus: Overview
Rakvere is located in the Northern part of Estonia, on the main road St Petersburg-Tallinn-
Helsinki. Rakvere is a quickly developing small city with many cultural initiatives.
The great Estonian composer Arvo Pärt grew up in Rakvere.
St Paul’s church is a valuable historical monument, set at Vabaduse square. Vabaduse
square is a big, but empty public space, set in the centre of the city, next to parks, close to
the castle and Turu square, but surrounded by streets and traffic.
How to make the square lively, turn the church into an Arvo Pärt concert hall and place a
10 000 sq m of public building with mainly educational and people-attracting functions at one
and the same place?
The church lacks basic features for a multifunctional concert activity (e.g. reverberation
around 5 sec makes the sound unsuitable for contemporary music). It’s best for organ music,
choir, etc. Then why not use it that way? And make a separate, brand new and highly
professional concert hall in the square as well. It will attract twice as many people in
Rakvere, will turn the city into a cultural hub and Arvo Pärt will get not only one hall, but a
whole concert complex.
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