* Nimetus: Spatium Conmunis
Kirjeldus: Rakvere Vabaduse Square and St Paul’s church
Architectural Competition

Motto: “Spatium Conmunis”

This is one chance in a lifetime for a city to achieve a perfect (or
near perfect) “Spatium Conmunis” or a “Communal Space” and
performance centre for visitors and residents to use all day and
every day.

Our design objective for this very particular space, “Vabaduse
Square” is to maximise the public usage and pedestrian
accessibility while recognising the needs of motorists struggling to
access the facilities or pass through this part of the city and
minimise the car impact on the area. To achieve this we propose
to introduce a gyratory road layout with a new access link to the
south of St Paul’s Church.
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