* Nimetus: Tectonic Quartet
Kirjeldus: III voor

The Arvo Pärt Hall is intended to respect the local context, not only physically, but historically and culturally. Our
proposal, through the form and choice of materials, is intended to evoke the spirit of musical harmony,
composition, and simplicity. A building that complements St Paul’s church, expresses the musical approach
of Arvo Pärt and is key to the future redevelopment of Vabaduse Square.
Tectonic Quartet is designed to subtly complement the work of composer Arvo Pärt through the use of only
a few minimalist cubic forms, underlined with a formal structure and interspersed occasionally with sudden,
dynamic physical connections to the church. As Pärt works with very few elements, with one or two voices
or instruments, our design uses a reduced number of forms to establish composition. As Pärt composes
his work with primitive tonality our design incorporates primitive materials of ceramic, stone, concrete and
timber. As Pärt’s music encourages contemplation by the listener our design seeks investigation by the visitor,
architecture to stir thoughts of elegance in geometry and proportion.
tectonic-quartet-drawings.pdf (19.03MB)
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