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Design idea

Themain goal of the project is to follow and respect the original idea by architect Alar
Kotli for the St. Paul Church. The entire design is based on respecting the existing
factory and on its relationship with the new annex building, providing for removing
the elements added that compromise the architectural identity of the church.
The relationship with the church and the way in which the former factory is linked to
the new building plays a key role in the genesis of the project idea, in terms of a
formal, morphological and architectural al point of view.
Indeed, the annex building has the qualities of distinctiveness and recognizability,
and it also has, in a dialectic relationship with the church, an autonomous position
because of a very formally important element: a connecting gallery that we call
In order to keep alive the previous Kotli idea to realize a building adjacent to the
tower west of the church, we have chosen to build the annex with the height of 8
metres, which is 2/3 of the part of the church between the two steeples , exactly as it originally was planned for the congregation house. It has therefore been given a
main role to proportional relationships, as it was foreseen in the design ever
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