* Nimetus: Ultima
The analysis of the area in first instance suggested the need for a breaking point, the church and the buildings
surrounding the roundabout are clearly in need of a connection, an element that can bring them all together to
recreate what was initially planned as a magnificent square. Starting from this idea we decide to create an
element cutting into the space as a knife, breaking the apparent order of the system. The new Annex then
becomes the occasion to reconnect all elements. The shape of the building is respectfully sitting next to Alar
Kotli’s church, gently turning toward Vabaduse park indicating its location. The materials rather than imitating or
shocking have carefully been chosen to create a contemporary, but at the same time, elegant intervention. The
brick symbolising the new construction will be in dialogue with the church’s limestone.
Returned to former glory, once symbolising freedom today celebrating the cultural success of Estonian
musicians, the new Arvo Pärt’s Hall will create a braking point. The whole site moves towards the city while the
seemingly revolving building redirects the urban interest towards the square.
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