* Nimetus: Agora
Kirjeldus: III voor

Agora St. Paul is a place for the people of Rakvere to gather, participate, view, engage and exchange. It is a place for celebration
and representation of the city’s civic pride. The proposed square is a cohesive form capable of hosting multiple activities while representing
the ambitions and cultural achievements of the town.
The form transforms at night into a celebration of light. The linearity and repetitions of the striations within the sculptural form, all allude
to the musical heritage and composers of Rakvere’s history.
We recognized that the roundabout is formed by movement and efficiency. We chose to largely maintain its shape while merging its
southern edge with the fabric of the city, creating a continuous landscape. This approach avoids creating a square that would be too
large, maintains smooth traffic flow, and also keeps a generous setback between the surrounding buildings and the streets.
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