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Vabaduse Square Concept
The intention and opportunity to recuperate and
transform St. Paul’s Church into the Arvo Park’s
auditorium, along with unsolved urban design of
Vadabuse Square, is the main motivation for the
present competition, that answers the intention of
creating a Cultural Center, as well as the
Administrative and economic Center of Rakvere and
of the Lane-Viru County.
Vadabuse square, was never solved as a human
scale square design, even though, the spirit of the
place is already present, and given by the
surrounding public buildings, churches monuments
and existing infrastructure. Its proximity to the parks,
the main over scaled Avenues and the topographycal
condition of the site, amplified this noble condition of
Vadabuse square, which is facing south, and has a
scenary , the profile of the old city, the hill and the
omnipresence of the Castle.
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