* Nimetus: Ekvilibro
Kirjeldus: III voor
III voor


Let’s talk about protagonism, in sports scoring a goal distinguishes one player from another and the team that scored it, the stadium changes from one color to another every time a team scores, and at the end only one color seams to ever existed. In fashion the tallest and the thinnest are the protagonists of the catwalk and diminish everyone else, cameras are expecting the moment when they appear again, it’s competition won before it even started, the battle of the reflectors where nothing else matters. In music the violin discovers itself with every note, discreet in size, light in its shape, but overwhelming among the group, respectful and harmonic, stands out without contrasting, and its balance. Our building it’s the same way, always present accompanying the plaza, it doesn’t break it, if fills the empty space that always existed and today we occupy, it’s the protagonist of the
public space, of the city, of its people, of its history, that’s why it doesn’t break it, it’s not fashion, it’s not a tendency, it’s not an art piece, it’s not a sculpture, it’s architecture, it’s balance, it’s the Arvo Part Hall of the city of Rakvere.
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