* Nimetus: Riverbero
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The Architectural idea
The project for the new Rakvere Concert Hall is inspired from the minimalist musical sensations given by the piano compositions from Arvo Part. Musical vibrations coming from single notes expanding in the natural landscape, bringing harmony thrughout the lands, forests and lakes without disturbing the natural balance of the environment become part of the Architecture.
Those musical vibrations represent the right connection within the Saint Paul Church, its rehestabilished interior, the new Annex Building and Vabaduse Square as public spaces. All spaces are united by the music.
At the beginning only the stone walls of the church.

In the beginning there are just the church\'s walls. The design idea sets a seed on the ground beside the church on the western side. It is the Arvo Part Music room which is going to be the main pole of the complex. Music is diffused from this conceptual hotspot. A vibration starts here and it surrouds the close environment made by the Vabaduse public plaza and streets. The vibration is represented by a vibrating translucent structure that becomes an important sign in the Rakvere skyline.
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