* Nimetus: Silence in between
Kirjeldus: III voor

Silence, the in-between

Today the site is composed of a church building used as a gymnasium, an adjacent open lot and a square. At an urban scale, the gaps in the perimeter of the competition area deteriorate the urban quality of the square. There is no continuous frame to the square. There are no clear articulations to the existing urban fabric. The site is disjointed from the rest of the city; therefore the site is seldom utilized. The square has been reduced to a roundabout.

The square and the Arvo Part Hall have the potential to become the main urban node of articulation of the urban fabric of Rakvere. Arvo Part Hall has the unique opportunity to become the primary center for Arvo Part’s music. Our intent is to provide the necessary strategies, linkages and attributes to successfully create a cultural urban hub.

From these opportunities we delineated three main objectives: provide an urban space that celebrates the freedom and identity of Estonia and Rakvere, an annex that honors Arvo Part and his music and the restoration of the church and the design of an urban square that respects Alar Kotli’s original design intent.
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