* Nimetus: The Ode
Kirjeldus: III voor

The Ode as an architectural springboard, is an irregular metrical form that expressively unites the 3 key elements of the competition. In a similar fashion to its early derivations, the Ode is to be experienced in song - through the melodic flow of one’s journey through the spaces.
Like most journeys the experience is shaped by awareness, be it by foot, bike, or car.
The concept has the capacity to reveal new experiences each time, or simply be accepted as just a nice ‘path’ to take

Vabaduse Square
Instead of maintaining the roundabout, Voimla Street is transformed into a slow traffic street in which it can be closed off during significant public events. This creates a square that is not only
larger than the are within the roundabout, but fundamentally bridges the current disconnection.
The built volumes are placed in such a manner, that the inner square becomes an intimate hub strengthened by a series of strong connections to the adjacent memorials and parkland. It is
at this point one is sheltered from the surrounding roads. Subsequently, the space becomes a natural point of retention, and a nice urban space in the sun throughout anytime of the year.
During the winter months, this space would be an excellent opportunity to create an ice rink. As each lap is completed, so is the sequential travel through the framed points of significant historical and cultural reference points - always beginning and ending with the grand dedicated vista of St Paul’s Church in the round.
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