* Nimetus: Tintinnabuli
Kirjeldus: III voor

Our inspiration is drawn from local context and the deepest history to the site and country. It is also inspired by all that is around us, and how we can promote buildings which provide
a compelling contribution to the ecosystem of nature.
Tintinnabuli, the compositional musical style created by Arvo Pärt forms the mathematical, musical, spatial and physical ‘tempo’ of our minimalistic design approach.

The strong af?nity to Arvo Pärt makes a signi?cant contribution to the design proposals. The masterplan re?ects that of ‘musical score’ with lines of music ‘staff / stave’ with water ?lled ‘notes’ dancing across the square. People will play an interactive part of this ‘music’ of people, nature, buildings and landscape and all come together to produce ‘New Tintinnabuli’ in this space.
tintinnabuli-board-1.pdf (5.29MB)
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