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The Site Design Concept:

Vabaduse square Design:
1. In order to create a prominent and usable public space the Vaimila Street

between Koidula and Vadabuse should be closed and only Pedestrian
traffic allowed. The area directly in front of the St Paul Church and the
Annex hall shall be planned with hardscape and a fountain with water
features such as colored lighting and choreographed fountains. This area
shall provide a comfortable place for the public to sit and enjoy the new
landscaping area.
2. At the end of Tuleviku Street, a new traffic circle with a sculpture feature in
the middle shall be created to direct the traffic. The Traffic Circle is
strategically located to emphasize the two main perspectives from the
Vabaduse Park and Vennaskarmitsu Park. The balance of the square
shall be landscaped with various local vegetation, walking paths and park
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