* Nimetus: TMRLPC
With the Arvo Pärt Hall joined to the Church and the Arvo Pärt Experience Room at the apex, the entire square is reoriented on the diagonal view to the War of Independence monument, the spire of the Church of the Holy Trinity and the mountain with Rakvere’s Fortress. The historical schema of creating a solid and contiguous street edge to formalize the square has already been undermined by the positioning of buildings on end to the square, leaving large gaps between buildings. Rather than trying to make the square into something that it is not, this project seizes the opportunity to use the resultant space and alignments to rotate the space to align with the existing topography. The new built form and new tree massing in and around the square reinforces this reorientation: The new Competence Centre mirrors Rakvere Secondary School framing the open corner of the square to the Northwest with the view to the War of Independence monument and beyond. The space between the buildings surrounding the square is drawn into the square to create a succession of sweeping amphitheatres that mirror the topography. The diagonal treed boulevards on Vabaduse and Tuleviku Streets, will be densified and renewed. The new trees, walls, Arvo Pärt Plaza, and landforms on the square follow this diagonal orientation framing this long view.
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