Nimetus: Arvo Pärdi muusikamaja
Kuupäev: 30.03.2009 - 09.07.2009
Aasta: 2009
Korraldaja(d): Rakvere Linnavalitsus
Kirjeldus: Press release

The City of Rakvere is organizing an open international architectural competition for the design of Arvo Pärt’s Hall by reconstruction of Rakvere’s St Paul's church and planning the surrounding area called Vabaduse Square (Freedom Square). The goal of the competition is to choose the best architectural idea that would contribute to the high quality of the public space of the City of Rakvere.

The total of 25,500 EUR will be awarded as prizes and purchase, the first prize being 10 000 EUR. The architectural competition is open to all participants who have ideas and wish to contribute to Rakvere's urban space. The competition conditions and its annexes are available to everyone free of charge on Rakvere’s website http://w3.rakvere.ee/hange. The conditions are available in Estonian and English and the entry must also be submitted in Estonian or in English.

The competition is announced on 30 March 2009. The deadline for queries is 2 July 2009 and the deadline for submitting competition entries is 9 July 2009. The results of the competition are made public in August 2009.

According to plan, the church building which is currently used as a sports venue will be transformed into a multifunctional public building. The concert hall would introduce the works of Arvo Pärt as well as other Estonian classical music composers and other great figures of Estonian music, while also serving as a venue for seminars, training classes, conferences and a wide range of other events.

St Paul’s church in Rakvere was designed by an Estonian architect Alar Kotli as a church that would symbolize Estonia’s freedom. St Paul’s church in Rakvere is an important work among Alar Kotli’s creations as it combines the features that were characteristic of the architect’s implemented projects as well as features that were supposed to appear in his designs but were never built.
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